We have a variety of general shooting and coaching options for archers of ALL ages.
Club Shooting:
We encourage all archers to Join the club and participate in general club shooting time. Club Day runs from 12:30-3pm at Mandeville Sports Grounds. These club days are overseen by a director of shooting but there is no scheduled coaching time during these days. At various times throughout the year we also run club competitions which all club members are able to participate in.

Archers can join the club by filling out this membership form: http://goo.gl/forms/jlhsgY5YhvsKqjOG2

Beginners Coaching:
Beginners Coaching courses run at various times throughout the year. 
These courses are suitable for all ages 8-Adult and run for 5 weeks on Saturday afternoons. The beginners course aims to provide all archers with a basic grasp on both range safety, bow safety, and NTS technique to allow them to enjoy club shooting or to progress into competitive archery programs depending on there desires in this sport.

For More information on our next beginners course and to register your spot on a course please visit this form: http://goo.gl/forms/q1ErWOgTojlLHVdT2

Competitive Squad Coaching:
Our competitive Squad coaching programs have been developed to provide archers with a pathway from beginner coaching through to high performance competitive archery.

Coaching programs are run through out the week under the supervision of a qualified coach and allow archers to develop the technical skills and proficiency necessary to perform to the best of there abilities in this sport.

Athletes are divided into training squads based on ability, and this squad placement dictates there training times. For more information on squad coaching please email us at Petra@aimtru.com